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Class.1 MELT Program

MELT Course (140 hours): $12,500
ICBC Road Test (2 hours): $250

Hourly $130

New Landed Immigrant Support

MELT Course (140 hours): Total: $12,750
Student Pays:
Government Pays:
ICBC Road Test (2 hours):

Hourly $130

EI Supported Job Training

Class 1: EI Supported Job Training(140 hours):
Total: $12,500
Student Pays: $5,000
Government Pays: $7,500
ICBC Road Test (2 hours):

Hourly $130

Single Unit Air Brake Endorsement

Single Unit/Air Brake (11 Hours): $320
First and Third Saturdays and Sundays

7 hrs In Class
hrs Inspection Practice & Test

Class 1 Combination Air Brake Endorsement

Class 1 Combination(15.5 hours): $350

hrs In Class
6.5 hrs Practice & Test

Class 3 Driver Training

Automatic (10 hours): $1,180
Manual (12 hours):$1,420

10 hrs (auto) Driving/Pre-Trip: In Truck
12 hrs (manual) Driving/Pre-Trip: In Truck
ICBC Road Test (2 hours):

Hourly $120

Class 4 Van (Unrestricted)

Automatic (4 + 1.5 hours): $500

4 hrs Driving & Pre-Trip: In Van
1.5 hrs ICBC Road Test

Class 4 Taxi (Restricted)

Automatic(1.5 hours): $200

Pre-trip inspection and road test preparation

Test Preparation

MELT & Air-Brake Knowledge Test Prep

Join in for 3 hours of ICBC knowledge test prep before your scheduled exam to increase your competency before test day.

- $200

Road Tests

We Book All Road Tests

No need to worry about booking your own road test with ICBC. Benji's Driving School books all road test with ICBC and can help to expedite the process so you can get your license as soon as possible.

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Class 1 Instructor Training